responsive instagram widget

"I just want a simple Instagram Widget for my Website. Why do they make it so hard?"

You ever just want a really simple way to showcase your Instagram photos on your or your clients website? Trying to find one that works easily on all devices, and look good? Good luck. It'll probably slow your website down, or isn't supported anymore.

You know some websites have awesome direct Instagram integrations. You just don't know how they did it. You don't know how to research, or look up the tool they used... So it's super frustrating when you KNOW a solution exists for people with your skills (copy & paste).

And I want to teach you. Because you're smart, and cool, and you really just want to have a fast simple solution for displaying Instagram photos on any website. You deserve to be grabbing 1 little line of code to paste in, then going back to whatever it is you really want to be doing. I'm just the guy to get you on that bullet train to making it rain.

All you have to do is promise me if you're not happy with the product, you let me know. Let's make widget.run a really awesome tool together.

Let's get started, shall we? You can see an example on this page. That's my dog, Piper.